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"We strive to create your artfully arranged unique pieces, to truly express every client's personality and vision."

- Westview Events & Florals

“Timeless, organic and unique”, serves as a motto for the Westview Florals Team. The team is passionate about giving our clients more than they could have imagined.


From arrangements to bouquets, garlands, corsages and boutonnieres- we are adamant about creating texture and portraying emotion through our floral designs.


Our team loves getting to know our clients and their styles, to specifically tailor the design of our work. From light and airy, to dark and moody- we love it all!


Don't have a specific vision? We love that! The Westview Floral Team is made of creative individuals who will provide you with guidance in your floral selection and design. We truly believe that florals are the anchor to every event. 

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