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The Westview Team

Kate Rigby Pipan


Bronwyn Hansen


Westview Events & Florals was founded by a Florist and an Event Planner who saw the missing links in the industry. They decided that clients should not have as many channels to communicate changes to.


When you work with Westview, we handle your planning, styling, design and florals so you have one contact for your event.

Kate and Bronwyn met in middle school, worked a part-time job together at a local flower shop and have remained friends ever since. They are the combined brains, heart and talent behind Westview Events & Florals. 


If you want their resumes, please ask- we promise they have all the certifications you want when choosing a planner and florist. 


When they are not ankle deep in florals or event itineraries, you can find them parenting their children or playing/cuddling with their dogs (maybe watching Netflix while doing so).


Q1: How did you meet? 


Middle school 

Q2: Your first memory with K/B? 


Going to the Burlington Sound of Music Festival, and while getting ready listening to the Sean Paul song “Get Busy” and being sure, that he said “Bronwyn and Kate” (listen to minute 2:36 of the song). 

Q3. What you value most about each other now?


We are not afraid to tell each other the truth - where one is weak the other is strong. We also empower and help each other grow in areas where we need to. 

Q4. What is the best thing the other brings to Westview? 


K- Bronwyn is forward but kind, she is a wiz with flowers and creates pieces that I couldn’t ever dream of. I tell her my vision and she creates something much more magical than what I had originally imagined. She keeps me grounded, and reminds me that everything will be perfect…And it always is! 

Q5. Can’t live without?


B- Manicures, Coffee, Plants and My Family 

K- Family, Coffee, Plants, A Great Hair Elastic, Diet Coke, Great Inspiration & Good Books


Q6. Best known for?

K-My top knot. 


B- Being very honest and out spoken, having the ability to connect and understand people’s needs 


Q7. If you aren’t working, what are you doing?


B- Spending time with family and shopping


K- Spending time with family, cleaning, reading


Q8. What do you do to get rid of stress?


K- Garden, listen to music or cook 

B- Cleaning and gardening 

Q9. Where do you pull your inspiration from?


B- Absolutely everywhere, through fashion especially 


K- Ok, I'm repeating Bron's "everywhere" but it's true! Colours that I see in nature, the colours of the sky (sunset)  anything that goes with gold, because I love gold! Books, colour of houses, artwork on walls, and our clients lives! 

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